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The Best American Sports Fans HD

If you like the video or have suggestions, feel free to comment. I love reading feedback. Hate comments or comparison comments will be removed.

This video isn’t an anti-Europe and South America video. If you think American fans are horrible and European fans are the best in the world that’s great. I lived in Europe for 5 years. Ive watched countless hours of soccer and been to my fair share of matches myself. But this video is about American fans. If you would rather watch a video showing European or South American fans, there are hundreds of them. Knock yourself out. And I don’t care about what you call American Football or soccer. I call it soccer because I live in the states and football refers to American football here. If you call soccer football or American football hand egg, thats awesome. But keep it to yourself.

Ps I know you Northern and Eastern Europeans love pyro. Me too. But it isnt legal in American stadiums. Just as it isnt allowed in most major European stadiums.

Pss If enough people want me to do a more detailed writeup on our fan culture and the differences beTween European and American fan culture, I would be happy to add one here. I am lucky enough to have been able to get a lot of first and second hand experience with both cultures.

Notable teams I forgot to include or could not find good clips for:
Duke basketball
Kansas basketball
Nebraska Football
Clemson Football
Chicago Cubs (There are a lot of clips out there now but there weren’t when this video was made)
New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens
Michigan State Football
Villanova Basketball
Cincinnati Basketball

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