Kasich: Chaos and disruption circling White House

Ohio Governor John Kasich tells CNN’s Jake Tapper that the drama within the Trump administration threatens to further polarize the country and cause President Trump to lose support on Capitol Hill.

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Bannon: Trump tower meeting was treasonous

CNN’s Jerffrey Toobin and David Chalian discuss the implications of Steve Bannon calling the Trump Tower Russia meeting “treasonous.”

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Top 10 Indian Conspiracy Theories That Will Scare You || Pastimers

There are many unproven conspiracy theories with varying degrees of popularity, frequently related to clandestine government plans and elaborate murder plots. Man is curious by nature, and the uncertain nature of events pushes us to find alternate explanations to rationalize ...

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US News – Downsizing d’Alexander Payne

Pour lutter contre la surpopulation, des scientifiques mettent au point un processus permettant de réduire les humains à une taille d’environ 12 cm : c’est ce qu’ils appellent le « downsizing ».

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