Cooper challenges Trump’s ‘least racist’ claim

CNN’s Anderson Cooper takes a look at racially-charged statements made by President Donald Trump following his claim that he is the “least racist” person.

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Top 10 Malaysia Flight MH370 Conspiracy Theories || Pastimers

The Malaysia Flight MH370 was lost two years ago, the conspiracy theories started pouring in. Even after parts of the plane were found and it was declared that it crashed into the Indian Ocean in August 2015, people weren’t convinced ...

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38 minutes of terror in Hawaii

Human error that triggered a false missile alert turned Hawaii upside down. People crawled under tables in cafes, were ushered into military hangars and huddled around televisions to watch the news for the latest developments.

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Acosta: White House blocked reporter questions

CNN’s Jim Acosta says the White House press wranglers shouted and blocked reporters from doing their jobs when the press asked about President Trump’s immigration comments.

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