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BREAKING NEWS: USI Tech removes wallet button from back office

It appears that the wallet button in usi tech is no longer available. Why USI tech has removed the button is a mystery…

I really really really hope that this is just some bump in the road and that it all comes out positive over the next few days/weeks..


it doesn’t feel look too promising.

Over the past week and a half it’s been a whirl wind of events here with USI Tech.

The shutdown of the US and Canada happened on the 5th and we haven’t really heard anything since…


Who knows.

One thing is for sure though…

The series of unfolding events, don’t look good.

I pray that you, me and everyone else in USI Tech will get there seed money back…AT THE LEAST.

I had a good amount of money involved in the platform and gratefully got 50% of my seed money out, but it still doesn’t sit right with me…

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t continue to risk my precious bitcoin in the hands of another party.

But I still want the daily returns and rewards.

I feel at a crossroads to move to the next lending platform and risk it again.

Maybe I should just risk it and get in and get out?

Hell no!

I’m not lending another bitcoin to a platform,

It sounds so sweet but in this crypto space ITS ABOUT HAVING FULL CONTROL control of your Bitcoin.

So I went on a search…


The first thing a fell in love with this platform is that they don’t hold ANY of your bitcoin so you have full control.

What I love more is ROI on this automatic trading bot is ridiculous.

Way more than 1 – 2% a day…Try 4 – 5% a day, 7 days a weeeeek

Keep in mind. That’s just my results, so don’t take my word for it. I’m no financial advisor.

The reason why I’m sharing this with you, (is sure I’ll receive benefits by referring you BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY)

is having full control of YOUR bitcoin

Not lending it out and hoping,

I don’t know about you but I want to sleep with ease at night. lol

If you to protect your precious coins from being locked up again and still daily ROI of up 10% – 100%

Truth be told, if I knew about this trading bot before I would have never got involved with lending platforms…

Then click here to get started with the bot: https://goo.gl/Wvqaw4

I also did a full breakdown of how the bot works, so if you’d like a full overview of it, then feel free to watch the video here: https://goo.gl/1c4gLt

Crypto Agent Bot – USA Facebook Group here: https://goo.gl/cK1EBN

And as always subscribe for the latest updates 🙂


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